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The Dirshu Shiur: This weekday 30-minute shiur (all welcome!) is given by Rabbi Patcas shlit"a in the upstairs Beis Hamedrash at Kol Yaacov, Edgware, UK.
- Winter: 8.00pm (following the 7.45pm Maariv.)
- Summer: 8.15pm (following the 7.45pm Mincha/Maariv.)

Rabbi Patcas shlit"a: Having started this shiur back in 2011, Rabbi Patcas has now given close to 1000+ shiurim. His broad range of Halachic knowledge, a unique lucid approach to what are often complicated 'inyonim' and his ongoing interaction with the attendees is just part of what make his shiurim so special.
Whether attending these shiurim or listening later on-line, one can't help feel his enthusiasm, warmth and humour shine through...
A huge debt of gratitude is owed to Rabbi Patcas - may he 'go from strength to strength' and be 'zoiche' to continue spreading halochoh observance worldwide!

Kol Yaacov: Thanks as always to Kol Yaacov shul in Edgware, for continuing to host the shiurim.

Dirshu Logo Rabbi Dovid Hofstedter shlit"a and The Dirshu Organisation: There are many thousands who have worldwide admiration and owe massive gratitude to Rabbi Hofstedter for the incredible, worldwide Dirshu organisation that he has built - May both he and The Dirshu Organisation continue to accomplish great things and grow without limit.

Web Site: Hosting 1000+ audios and a growing demand for mobile downloading / streaming, the original hosting on the Kol Yaacov web site could no longer cope. With its new 'home', the Dirshu audio files are hosted on blazingly-fast, local servers. The most recent shiurim are now immediately available from the 'home' page. The site is now optimised for the mobile user (90%+ of our users) both visually and for audio file delivery.
Any technical problems, suggestions, complaints or compliments, please send an email http://dailydirshu.org/contact.html
The shiurim are recorded at the live shiur and usually uploaded the same evening. The shiurum are all in high-quality, MP3 format. Please note that the shiurim may be freely shared with other but must not be charged for.